Our Mission 

“Dedicated to education of humane treatment of animals and assistance with spay/neuter costs.”

“I have been volunteering at the This ‘n’ That Shop off and on since 2013. Since I am retired now I have been a regular and helping out more when needed.  I am also on the Cottage Grove Humane Society Board. I have shared my love for animals since I was a young girl. Was so lucky to have been able to fulfill my dream and work in the Veterinary field for over 21 years”   Toni Hutchinson

“Animals are innocent and loving creatures that sometimes need people to step up and help speak for them.” ~ Carla

“Rescuing an animal not only does the animal finally feel loved, but it also warms your heart as well.” ~ Carmen

Our Wonderful Board Members.

President: Janetta     Vice President: Bev

Secretary : Cristy       Advisor: Scott & Susan

Board Members:  Lynn, Stella, Carla, Toni, Denise, & Al

Just a couple of our Cuties you can meet at "This N That"

This is Black Kitty

  in training to become our shop teddy bear. 

Here's Grey Kitty

in training to be our shop kitty Pearla