We write this with a sad heart. Sassy, the shop kitty, our shop supervisor who ruled us all with a velvet paw, was released to the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. She was drooling a lot, and had basically quit eating. Examination found a tumor in her mouth, and it was felt, for her sake, she be allowed to leave us. Nearly 18 years old, she was with us for a number of years, and brought great joy and pettable moments to many of us. One gentleman told us she lowered his blood pressure! Be at peace, loved one.

Donations are implemented now. Please let us know if you have trouble making a donation.  Thank you for visiting!

The Humane Society of Cottage Grove is a non-profit organization

completely staffed by volunteers .

Make A Donation

We are always open to donations.  Clean items we can sell at “This and That Corner” thrift store and Humane Society of Cottage Grove.

Animal items such as beds, cages, food, leashes, etc.

$$ Donations are also acceptable.

Become A Volunteer

Visit the “This N That Corner” store at

33rd, 8th Street, Cottage Grove.

Ask them; ” How can I help?”

Adopt a Pet

Adopting a pet is a big responsibility, but you get so much joy knowing you saved a kitty or other animal. Pets do  bring happiness to the soul. 

Keep Your Pets Safe!

Please take time to go thru our website and read some helpful hints on keeping your pet safe during the seasons.   

Did you know?? 

Ask yourself this questions before adopting a pet. 

Do I have time time to care for it? Do I have enough money if it gets hurt?

We want every animal to be adopted and have a happy home. We also take pride in making sure it’s a good match. 

Check out our Events Calendar and join us!



Shopping at  “This N That Corner” thrift store is one way how                                                                            you can help the Humane Society of Cottage Grove raises funds.

They have everything from dishes, kitchen stuff, clothes, books & videos, pet supplies and a fabulous card section.

You name it they have it.